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Edinburgh deserves a more ambitious Low Emission Zone

SNP and Labour councillors have again backed a city centre-only Low Emission Zone (LEZ) that could push more polluting traffic to other parts of the City, while Lib Dems call for an Edinburgh-wide LEZ covering goods vehicles, buses and coaches.

24 Jan 2022

Lib Dems push for more zebra crossings

At yesterday's City of Edinburgh Council meeting, Morningside Councillor Neil Ross persuaded the Council to improve pedestrian access across Edinburgh cost-effectively.

26 Nov 2021

News from Local Councillors, MSPs and MPs

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Southside / Newington

'Future Streets' impact on Southside / Newington

Future Streets and Circulation Plan for Edinburgh includes a new focus on the Bridges Corridor, Cowgate and Canongate, City Centre, to reduce traffic or pedestrianise areas South of the City.

7 Mar 2024