Edinburgh Lib Dem candidates talk health, environment & cooperation

The Scottish Lib Dems' Spring 2020 Political Party Broadcast is out and features 3 of our 6 Edinburgh candidates in the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections talking about what matters to them. Watch the video on YouTube (2m 40s).

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Fairness for Edinburgh's university students

Everyone knew that the new university term was going to be the biggest movement of people since the virus started.

Students have been treated in a shabby way and let down. The Scottish Government must take immediate steps to tackle the problem. They need to keep people safe.

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Ed Davey: A fairer, greener, more caring country

Ed Davey is the new leader of the Liberal Democrats and he’s ready to spearhead the fight against this heartless and incompetent Conservative Government.


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Social Care Survey 2020: Your views wanted

The Scottish Liberal Democrats pioneered the policy of free personal and nursing care for the elderly in Scotland and recognise that we need to plan now for a fair, affordable and sustainable social care policy for the future.

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Council plan for schools “risks failing pupils and working parents” warn Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat councillors have warned that plans from Edinburgh Council for city schools from August “risks failing pupils and working parents”.

Last week, education officials announced a plan which would see only 33% in-school learning for pupils when they return on Wednesday 12 August. Specific details have yet to be finalised but could see pupils in classrooms for as little as one day in a particular week.


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Re-open Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo have signalled that if they can't reopen by the end of June they will face possible closure. They are ready to open safely, they just need the Government to allow them to do so.

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