Waiting List Crisis in the New Year

Local Lib Dem MSP, Alex Cole-Hamilton has demanded that SNP Ministers make a New Year's Resolution to address the crisis in NHS waiting times.

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Lessons must be learned from exams fiasco


West Edinburgh Liberal Democrat MSP, Alex Cole-Hamilton has called on the Scottish Government to make sure they learn the lessons of the 2020 exams fiasco ahead of this year's assessments.

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Local MSP calls for Action on Drug Deaths

Scotland has recorded the worst drug death rates in the entire world for yet another year.

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Call for better transport links in West Edinburgh

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine, has pledged to make public transport links into the city centre a top priority throughout 2021 to improve connectivity and help tackle the climate crisis.

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Murrayfield Ice Rink funding welcomed

Christine Jardine, Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West, has welcomed the release of Scottish Government funding for Murrayfield Ice Rink.

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Jardine Calls For Better Communication Between UK and Scottish Governments Over Covid Relief Money

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has called for clarity on how much of the Covid relief money, allocated by the UK Government, the Scottish Government has spent and how much it is holding back.

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Council gritting policy “unfit for purpose” in COVID crisis say Lib Dems

Edinburgh Council’s gritting policy is unfit for purpose and risks increasing pressure on the NHS whilst it deals with the COVID crisis, Liberal Democrat councillors have warned.

Edinburgh Council’s winter resilience policy means only a limited number of key roads and pavements were gritted during the recent winter weather. This includes bus routes and roads to fire stations, hospitals and schools.

This left the vast majority of residential areas left covered in snow and ice.

Whilst some salt bins are provided, many people have been been reporting them as empty, even days after lodging online requests to the Council for refills.

With further icy conditions expected this month, there is now concern more areas will be left in a dangerous state. Injuries from slips and falls could place huge strain on the NHS at a time when it is already facing the COVID crisis.

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Edinburgh Council backs LibDem call for action to tackle ‘crippling’ parking costs for carers

Edinburgh Council has backed a call from Liberal Democrat councillors to consider exempting carers from ‘crippling’ parking costs in controlled parking areas across the city.

Liberal Democrat councillor Kevin Lang received cross-party backing for his motion at today’s meeting of the Council. It will now require officers to look at how carers could get free or discounted parking when looking after vulnerable people in areas covered by controlled parking zones (CPZ).


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Alex Cole-Hamilton challenges Edinburgh Tier 3 Decision

Following the First Minister’s decision to keep Edinburgh at level 3 Edinburgh Western Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has today written a joint, cross-party letter to the First Minister urging her to reconsider this decision.  The letter has been signed jointly with Miles Briggs MSP (Conservative), Daniel Johnson MSP (Labour) and Andy Wightman MSP (Green). The text of our letter is as follows:


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Lib Dems persuade Edinburgh Councillors to back firework controls

Edinburgh councillors have unanimously backed a Liberal Democrat motion in favour of further restrictions on the sale and use of fireworks to in a bid to tackle the ‘misery’ being created in Edinburgh communities by firework misuse.



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