Braidburn Terrace/Comiston Road/Greenbank Crescent

9 Sep 2023

Below are the long-awaited plans for the Braidburn Terrace scheme.

As well as making Braidburn Terrace one-way, they include the remodelling of the traffic light junction on Comiston Road, to incorporate a right turn filter into Greenbank Crescent but reduce the exit from the Crescent to one lane to give more space to pedestrians and cyclists.  The Braid Road junction is upgraded to add parallel crossings for pedestrians and cyclists on both Braid Road and Hermitage Drive.  Also included is the west-only exit from Braid Crescent onto Comiston Road and the introduction of continuous footways at junctions on Greenbank Place, Braidburn Crescent and Braid Crescent.

The work is being delivered in phases and might take up to 6 months. Carriageway resurfacing on the A702 is to be done in the evenings/overnight with temporary diversions for buses. Advance notice is to be given both on-street and via Edintravel.

Braidburn Terrace Information Sheet 1
Braidburn Terrace Information Sheet 2
Braidburn Terrace Information Sheet 3