Winter Weather Guide

Fraser Graham has put together the below guide to help residents with ice and snow issues

Where's my nearest grit bin?

A big thank you to you if you've cleared and gritted the pavement in front of your home; if your local bin is empty you can report it online here. To find out where your nearest grit bin is on the council website, look here.

How does Edinburgh Council prioritise routes?

Explained on this web page.

An area I know requires de-icing

To report areas that require treatment, email

What are the Lib Dems doing to improve gritting facilities?

Lib Dems have consistently pressed for more action on Grit Bins

In January 2021, the Lib Dems on the council noted several issues with slow replenishment of grit bins. As the harsh weather looks set to continue for a while, it's important that grit is easilty available for residents. Click here to read more.

Lib Dems have called for a Winter Weather plan that incorporates the Spaces for People scheme

The temporarily-segregated cycle and walking routes which were installed in Summer 2020 have had issues when it comes to ice buildup. We've been asking Edinburgh Council for an action plan.