Number of women with leukaemia rises by 124%

19 May 2023

Edinburgh Western MSP and Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has  urged the Scottish Government to “get to grips with cancer care,” after new figures revealed that more than 3,200 children and young people were diagnosed with cancer in the last decade, with the number of young women contracting leukaemia having increased by a staggering 124%.  

The figures revealed that:  

  • Between 2012 to 2021, 1,344 children were diagnosed with cancer in Scotland.
  • Between 2012 to 2021, 1,919 young people were diagnosed with cancer in Scotland.
  • Leukaemia has increased by 124% in young women between the ages of 15 and 24.

Alex said:  

“Every Scot will know someone who has had a cancer diagnosis, and far too many will remember the hole in their lives that it left them with.  

“An upsetting number of children and young people are now being left out in the cold because of this government’s failure to get to grips with cancer care.

“Early intervention is absolutely invaluable, but the backlogs brought on by the pandemic and 15 years of SNP health service mismanagement have put staff and patients under severe strain.  

“Scottish Liberal Democrats would boost accessible testing and screening and empower GPs and health professionals to refer people for appropriate tests on suspicion of cancer. Educating people about symptoms is critical, so the government must invest in campaigns and networks which will build that awareness.”