No. 31 Bus Update

3 Apr 2023

The 31 bus service is continuing to provide an unreliable service in East Craigs, with many residents getting in touch to tell us of when the bus has been extremely late or simply not turned up at all. 

Local Lib Dem councillor Ed Thornley said, "East Craigs has only one bus service that many residents can easily access - many are not able to walk through to Drum Brae to get a 26. The 31 is a vital link in this community, and we are determined to improve and protect it. 

"As an East Craigs resident myself, I have personal experience of being left standing around for a bus that was due over half an hour ago. This is not acceptable for a bus that is supposed to run every 15 minutes.

The Lib Dem team are working with Lothian Buses to try and improve the service.

Local Lib Dem councillor Robert Aldridge added, "We know there have been significant problems for bus providers across Scotland, especially around driver recruitment and retention. On top of this, Lothian tell us that major delays at roadworks are also adding to the problem.

"However, this is rapidly becoming one of the least reliable bus services in the city, and that cannot be allowed to continue."