Lothian Buses must learn from 41/47 Debacle

24 Jul 2023

The local Liberal Democrats have said Lothian Buses must learn lessons after a major local backlash from people in Cramond and Barnton. 

People reacted furiously to the sudden decision to end the long established 41 service and instead introduce a new 47 on a different route. 

Local Lib Dem councillor, Kevin Lang said, “The 41 was an important and popular service in Cramond. Replacing it with a 47 on a different route caused a lot concern.  It removed a key link to the centre of Princes Street and over the Mound. 

“It is not acceptable that, as a council owned company, Lothian did this without any discussion with local councillors. We need to change the system so this can’t happen again in future.” 

Meanwhile, the Lib Dem succeeded in securing extra 43 services at peak times.  This has helped increase capacity for the service running along Queensferry Road.