Leith Walk tramworks update: not yet finished

27 Aug 2023

Last weekend Councillor Jack Caldwell invited Councillor colleagues from Transport and Scrutiny committees to walk down Leith Walk and see some of the public realm first hand.

Jack said "Constituents have made it clear that there are parts of the design that do not meet standards expected, and there feels like a frustrating lack of acknowledgement in the political body of the Council about this.

I'll have more to post in the coming week about actions being taken, but I can assure residents that the Edinburgh Liberal Democrats are challenging some of the design decisions.

Leith Walk deserves the best possible public realm, and while there are objective improvements in a lot of places, I will not stop agitating for fixes to the narrow pavements, angled bike lane and pavement parking among other things. While there may a political consensus of apathy to move on, we are not accepting that and acknowledge the massive Project is still ongoing. I'm still collating issues together and residents and businesses are welcome to email cllr.jack.caldwell@edinburgh.gov.uk as always"

Trams to Newhaven are still sending out fornightly email updates, so it is worth signing up for them to track progress.

Question from Cllr Caldwell at last Council meeting