Jardine seeks solution to Duart Crescent Post Office closure

1 Sep 2023

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has written to the UK Post Office, looking for a solution that would prevent the closure of the Duart Crescent Post Office

Christine is also seeking a long-term resolution as well as a fix in the way of another postmaster to provide outreach services in the short-term.

She said: “I have been concerned about this decline and in particular the number of post office closures across the country but particularly the impact on people and businesses in my constituency.

“Duart Crescent Post Office is relied upon by many in the local area and especially for elderly residents. 

“That is why I have written to UK Post Office in the hope that we can find a solution in the short and long term. 

“I will continue to work to find a viable solution in the way of an interim postmaster for Duart Crescent as well as raising the broader issue in Parliament.”