Jardine criticises 'unacceptable' lack of diabetes medicine

20 Dec 2023

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has called on UK Government Ministers to take action on the shortage of medicines for type 2 diabetes patients.  

Christine previously wrote to NHS Lothian and the Scottish Government, after a constituent was concerned her treatment would be impacted by a shortage of diabetes drugs known as GLP-1 RAs, including one of the most common drugs, semaglutide. 

The supply problem has been made worse following the increase in use of semaglutide as a weight-loss drug. 

In her response, Scottish Minister Jenni Minto said supply was not expected to return to normal levels until mid-2024, and that medicine supply and licensing was a reserved matter. 

Christine said: “I am incredibly concerned at the slow response to this urgent lack of medication by the UK Government.  

“Diabetes patients in my constituency are now stuck between a rock and a hard place, with a Scottish Government unable to act and a UK Government too slow to react.  

"It seems that neither Government has realised how serious this may be for some patients who rely on these drugs daily.

“Current patients may now see even longer disruption to care plans, and new diabetes patients may be unable to get the treatment that is right for them, or limit the number of options available for their treatment. 

“That is why I have called on the UK Government to work with the NHS across the country to speed up the resupply of this vital medication to help thousands of patients left in limbo by these unacceptable delays.”