Jardine backs limit on night flights

18 Jan 2024
Christine Jardine standing in front of the Forth Rail Bridge

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine is backing a new proposal to limit the impact of night flights from UK airports. 

The Liberal Democrat has highlighted the impact of noise pollution on communities such as Newbridge and Ratho, and in 2022 called on the Government to introduce controls night flights to force airports to act. 

Since she was elected in 2017, the impact of noise pollution on residents of neighbourhoods around the airport has been a constant concern for many of Ms Jardine’s constituents, despite the work Edinburgh Airport does with community groups.

Figures for summer 2023 show the number of night flights in and out of Edinburgh was 50% higher than the same period in 2019, despite a drop in the overall number of flights. 

Now, Ms Jardine is backing a new proposal to force the Government to investigate limits on night flights, joining a cross-party group of MPs with airports in and around their constituencies.  

Christine said, “I am concerned by the growing number of night flights, and their impact on my constituents who live under flight paths.  

“Despite the fantastic work that is done in the community with Edinburgh Airport and other groups to help minimise the impact on residents, some are still deeply worried about the impact these late flights have on their wellbeing. 

“Being woken by the roar of engines night after night can have a huge impact on people’s physical health, emotional wellbeing, their work and relationships. It is time for the Government to act if airports will not.  

“I hope the Government will work with me and this cross-party group to find a way to prevent more disruption for communities like Edinburgh West.”