Help us stop ANOTHER Cammo housing development

17 Jan 2021

Cllr Kevin Lang, Christine Jardine MP, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP and Cllr Louise Young want to stop the loss of even more greenbelt at Cammo.

Housing developers are pushing Edinburgh Council to turn over more greenbelt land at Cammo for even more new housing.

This would on land just to the south of where hundreds of new homes are already being built next to Maybury Road.

Sign our petition to stop the loss of even more Cammo greenbelt to housing

Local Liberal Democrats opposed the first Cammo development. We think it would be madness to turn over more local greenbelt land for even more housing at this location. Additional housing should be focused on the many brownfield sites sitting empty or unused.

Edinburgh Council will have to agree a new local development plan later this year. This will decide what areas are kept protected in the greenbelt and what areas are released for more homes.

We think it is critical this area at Cammo is kept in the greenbelt. Please sign OUR PETITION today to add your support to our campaign.

Help us protect this local greenbelt by signing our petition.