Council must tidy up Torwood Path

7 Feb 2024
torwood path

For nearly a year residents have been waiting for promised upgrades to the path running between Torwood Crescent and Meadow Place Road. With these upgrades hitting delay after delay, the local Lib Dem team are calling on the Council to take residents’ concerns around the safety of the path seriously.

Local Lib Dem councillor Ed Thornley said, “Residents could not be clearer. There is real concern about the state of the path surface, the litter,  exposed wiring and it not being safe to walk down at night. None of this is acceptable.

“The Council can say these will all be sorted out when the upgrade comes, but residents have now been waiting for almost a year since the work was supposed to begin.

“If the Council takes the safety of residents as seriously as it claims, these problems need to be addressed now, rather than waiting even longer for the planned upgrade.”