Christine criticises continued SNP and Tory delays on mould

12 Jan 2024
mould and damp

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has hit out at the lack of response and action from UK and Scottish Ministers to treat and prevent mould and damp in social housing. 

In December 2022, Ms Jardine first wrote to Ministers about the growing rate of mould and damp in social housing across Edinburgh, calling for extra funding specially for repairs and damp-proofing. 

But rather than providing a funding boost, last month’s Scottish Government budget slashed the money available for housing projects. 

This came as Scottish Minister Patrick Harvie admitted only 3,500 homes received insulation through its Warmer Homes scheme so far in the 2023-24, in response to a question in the Scottish Parliament from Lib Dem MSP Willie Rennie. 

This is less than 1% of the estimated 433,000 homes that could be eligible for support, with only 36,000 receiving any help since its launch in 2015. 

Christine is also calling for an emergency home insulation scheme to be funded by the UK Government, in addition to their new proposals for tougher standards in social housing.

She said, “It's difficult to express my frustration at the failure of our two Governments to tackle this issue properly with an emergency home insulation scheme and better support for social housing.

“But the cuts in Shona Robison’s recent budget mean they will be unable to cope, and Jeremy Hunt’s autumn statement failed to mention the energy price crisis thousands of people are still in. 

“Together with these damning figures from the Scottish Government, it is clear both our Governments are letting down homeowners and renters alike. By failing to take this issue seriously, residents across Edinburgh will be forced to live in cold, damp and mouldy houses. 

“We need a fair deal for housing to deliver warmer, greener, affordable homes that communities across Edinburgh deserve.”