Bin hubs in Leith Walk ward: flexibility needed

17 Mar 2023

A Liberal Democrat amemdment to revisit the positioning of bin hubs unfortunately wasn't passed.

We'll need to keep chipping away to resolve outlier binhubs which have contributed to accessibility issues and impact homes (ie doors and windows under 1m from bins).

Cllr Jack Caldwell for Leith Walk said "It was a frustrating Council meeting yesterday, even though we passed our policy noting pavements under 1.5m wide should remain clear of waste, we didn't get to the brass tacks of the issue.

"I should note that the Council did back a way to review placement after some Transport and Environment committee consensus, but it'll still be constrained by policy with strict parameters.

It's frustrating as bin hubs for the most part are good, but we need to reflect people's experience, especially from the North Edinburgh rollout. Bin hubs will be rolling out to Hillside and Broughton this Spring, and there will be some tweaks around South Sloan Street and Easter Road."

The Evening News reported on the debate at