Alex urges Edinburgh Households to claim remaining energy support vouchers

26 Jun 2023

The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP has urged households which use prepayment meters to redeem energy bill support vouchers before they expire on 30th June. Figures from Energy Action Scotland have shown that 34% of vouchers issued to households in the capital remain unclaimed.

The figures show that 20,820 vouchers issued to Edinburgh households over recent months have not been redeemed, with an estimated value of £1,374,120. However the vouchers, worth £66 each, expire 90 days after issue, which for most households will be this month. Expired vouchers can be re-issued through the energy supplier, but all vouchers will expire on 30th June when the energy support scheme comes to an end.

Cole-Hamilton, who is also the MSP for Edinburgh Western said:

“If you have received an energy support voucher but have yet to cash it then now is the time. While most vouchers have been used already, these figures suggest that there is still a large amount of support which has not been claimed, and households which could be missing out.

“The energy support scheme will soon come to an end and any outstanding vouchers will expire. I encourage everyone who has received energy support payment vouchers to redeem them as soon as possible.”