Alex puts GP Access in Spotlight

12 Mar 2024

So many people in West Edinburgh have contacted Local MSP, Alex Cole-Hamilton about the fact that they are finding it harder and harder to get an appointment in good time with their local GP. A combination of rising mental ill health, an ageing population and their being too few GPs are all contributing to a growing crisis in primary care.

Alex has raised this with the Health Secretary in the Scottish Parliament and written several articles in the national press. He has also published an action plan that he is asking the government to adopt to relieve the crisis which includes:  the introduction of a new NHS recovery plan, a staff burnout strategy, efforts to improve conditions for the workforce, and investment in mental health services. He said: “Our GPs and practice staff are working their hearts out, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to meet the demand they face. I am frustrated that the SNP government just don’t see this for the crisis it is. People are waiting for appointments in pain and anxiety and sometimes the delay can make problems more acute. This has to be a priority for Ministers going forward.”