Alex leads fight against sewage

6 Jun 2023

Local MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has challenged the new First Minister to get to grips with Scotland’s sewage problem which saw tens of thousands of sewage releases in Scotlands water ways and beaches last year alone, with the River Almond being one of the worst effected.

Alex is fighting for the Scottish Government to get to grips with Scotland’s Victorian sewage system which choses to dump millions of gallons of sewage into much loved beauty spots every time there is a downpour.

Alex has raised this several times at First Minister’s Questions- challenging the Scottish Government to invest in change after the UK Liberal Democrats forced English water bosses to invest £10 Billion in cleaning up English sewage outflows.

He said: “The SNP/Green government don’t seem to mind that their publicly owned water company is potentially running our natural environment with the dumping of sewage in this way. I’m determined to fight for change.”