Lib Dems ignite review on Sexual Entertainment Venue ban

6 Feb 2023

Lib Dem Councillors won a vote 6:3 this morning to review Edinburgh's upcoming adult entertainment venue ban.

This comes after The City of Edinburgh Council set a 'nil-cap' or a 'presumption of zero' on safely regulated strip clubs and adult entertainment venues back in March 2022.

Last year, Councillor Lewis Younie got support from across the Council for Licensing to review the ban.

Lib Dem Regulatory Convenor Councillor Neil Ross said said "while venues can ask to be treated as an exception to the policy, limiting SEV's at zero is effectively a presumption against the grant of any licence.The preservation of public safety and public order and the prevention of the ultimate purpose of Edinburgh's licensing policy.

Councillor Jack Caldwell, who proposed the motion along with Councillor Ross at the Regulatory committee said "We are not content that the women and stakeholders most affected by the nil-cap policy. Two workers who have given a deputation this morning have warned about being forced into an unregulated space to perform, and that is deeply worrying. Their voices must be heard and its important we use the results of the ongoing judicial review ".

The consultation will not be able to start until the ongoing judicial review has concluded.