Action needed to tackle rising rents and mortgages

3 Aug 2023

Scottish Lib Dem MP Christine Jardine has called on the Government to adopt the Lib Dem plan for a Mortgage Protection Fund to protect households in Edinburgh West struggling with the cost of living.

Christine said, ““The Government tells us that they want to help people but what I am hearing from people is that things are not improving.

“Mortgages and rents in the city are going through the roof as people search for new deals as their fixed rates end or rents on available properties increase as landlords recoop increased costs.

“The average interest rate on a new fixed-rate mortgage is now above 6%, and in Edinburgh we have seen the highest rental inflation anywhere in the country at 13.7%, in part because landlords are seeing increases in their mortgages.

“By implementing the Mortgage Protection Fund the Lib Dems are calling for, the Government can protect those on the lowest incomes from rising mortgages being passed down to them.

“We need action to be taken now.”