Wintry weather

The cold snap has brought treacherous pavements and roads throughout Roseburn and Saughtonhall. The Council has a priority system for gritting roads, pavements and cycle-paths. In freezing or snowy weather, the first roads to be treated include bus routes and roads to hospitals, care homes and schools. Only the priority routes will be treated outside normal working hours.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Gillian Gloyer explains "In other words, if it freezes overnight and your street isn't in one of the priority categories, you'll probably have to negotiate icy pavements in the morning, until the gritters get round to you."

There are no laws against clearing snow or ice from your own driveway or the pavement outside your house, if you wish to ("But please take care!" says Gillian). The grit in the on-street bins can be used by any resident for this purpose.

If you have access to the Internet, you can view the priority routes and locate your nearest grit bins on the council's website
( Clicking on 'Roads and Pavements' and then 'Gritting and Grit Bins' will bring you to various options, including an option to report an empty or damaged grit bin. There is also advice here on how to clear snow and ice safely and effectively.

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