Will we get CPZ Parking for South Morningside?

The Council has published its long-awaited report on parking.  It includes a strategic review of parking pressures across the south west of the city, and the consultation results for extending Priority Parking to south Morningside, west of Comiston Road.  However, the strategic review has superceded the Priority Parking consultation and recommended a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) for south Morningside.

Instead of the proposed extension of the B2 Priority Parking Area (PPA) to the west, as expected, the Council’s Parking report recommends that the B2 area, along with the proposed extensions to the east and south and the entire area to the west, including Greenbank Drive, should become a CPZ.  It cites as justification the high concentration of non-resident parking in the existing B2 and in the area immediately to the west, as well as potential increased parking pressures once the Royal Edinburgh Hospital extension is completed.  By way of comparison, for a band 2 car, a CPZ permit costs £109 and a PPA permit is £33.

I recommend you read the report.  It was published as agenda item 7.5 for the Transport & Environment Committee meeting on 16 May and can be accessed on the Council’s website www.edinburgh.gov.uk  Use the ‘Search’ facility to search for ‘Transport and Environment Committee’ and choose the meeting on Thursday, 16th May 2019.  The meeting ran out of time without considering the report so it has been re-scheduled for the next meeting of the committee on Thursday 20th June. 

The report highlights four possible options. 

  1. Proceed with the extension of the B2 PPA.
  2. Expand B2 as an interim measure in advance of the introduction of CPZ.
  3. Proceed with the introduction of CPZ in the existing B2 area and expand the PPA outwards.
  4. Proceed with the wider implementation of CPZ across south Morningside. (The recommended option)

Which option do you prefer?  Let me know by completing the online survey at www.edinburghlibdems.org located under the ‘Campaigns’ heading.

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