Will we get CPZ Parking for South Morningside?

The Council is courting controversy with its long-awaited report on parking in South Morningside.  Instead of the proposed extension to the west of the B2 Priority Parking Area, as expected, the report recommends that all of the B2 area, including the extensions to the east, south and west, should become a CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone). 

This would mean the introduction of parking meters, parking permits (£35 to £331 p.a.) and yellow lines.  The report was published as agenda item 7.5 for the Transport & Environment Committee meeting yesterday and can be accessed here https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/meetings/meeting/4701/transport_and_environment_committee The meeting ran out of time so the report has been re-scheduled for the next meeting on Thursday 20th June.  Let me know if you have concerns about this by email to neil@edinburghlibdems.org

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