Why we voted for change on Edinburgh Council

At the first meeting of the newly elected Edinburgh Council, two motions were presented to install a ruling administration (effectively, the city government).

One motion would form an SNP-led administration, and the other a Labour administration. We voted for the Labour motion.

At the recent council election, people voted for us in record numbers. We heard time and time again how people wanted change at Edinburgh Council and rightly believed our area deserved better than what SNP councillors had delivered.

We believe our constituents deserve so much better than the '5 more years of the same' that the SNP were offering. Whilst we have our disagreements with Labour, they have at least pledged to try and do things differently.

Where we agree with the new Labour administration, we will support them. Where we disagree, we will say so and vote accordingly.

As local councillors, our priority will always be Corstorphine/Murrayfield and fighting for the people who live here.

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