Wee Forest in Gyle Park

It's really exciting news that a 'Wee Forest' is planned for Gyle Park.

A Wee Forest is a small area of densely packed, fast growing native trees aimed at halting the loss of local biodiversity in urban areas, decreasing the impacts of climate change and increasing the amount of nature that local people can enjoy.

One of the things many people tell us they appreciated more over the course of the pandemic than beforehand is access to green spaces. They're shown to improve mental health for people who visit them and make our cities much more pleasant places to be. For many people in our communities, Gyle Park is the only green space a walkable distance from their homes, making it even more important.

In your responses to our Summer Survey, so many of you told us you wanted to see our green spaces getting investment and proper protection, so we're glad this new initiative is being planned for Gyle Park.

Local Lib Dem candidate Ed Thornley said, "I'm really excited that a Wee Forest is planned for Gyle Park. Increasing natural space in our cities is a vital part of our contribution to tackling the climate and nature emergencies, and Wee Forests are a very space-efficient way of doing that. The aim is that a Wee Forest becomes a self-sustaining patch of woodland  and can provide habitats and homes for nature much more quickly than regular planting. Hopefully, we can go further and plant more Wee Forests in our parks and green spaces."

While it is good to see planned investment in our green spaces, it is vital that they are properly maintained as they stand. Many local people have told us how appalled they are at the state of the park following drainage work, and though they accept the need for the work, it's important that proper restoration is undertaken once the work is finished.

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