We need to rethink the closure of Leith Street

The council has announced that Leith Street, the main route from Leith Walk to the Bridges and Princes Street, is to be <a href="http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/our-region/edinburgh/leith-street-to-be-shut-for-10-months-as-part-of-st-james-revamp-1-4380237">completely shut to traffic for several months from September</a>.

This closure, part of the redevelopment of the St James Centre, could lead to chaos in the area affected by diversions - particularly along London Road, Regent's Road and Dundas Street. There is likely to be increased traffic in the side streets as drivers seek ways to aovid the inevitable delays.
It is not just car drivers that will be effected: several bus routes through the city will be diverted, and passengers will be caught up as their buses get stuck in jams.

Whilst a complete shut-down of this major route may be best for the developers, it is far from clear that it is the best option for the city. This decision must be reviewed before it is too late.

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