Waiting List Crisis in the New Year

Local Lib Dem MSP, Alex Cole-Hamilton has demanded that SNP Ministers make a New Year's Resolution to address the crisis in NHS waiting times.

Hospital waiting times were already long, even before Covid. The SNP Government broke their own legally binding guarantee over 83,000 times last year. Waiting lists have only been made worse by lockdowns.

There is now concern that thousands of people in Edinburgh will be left waiting in 2021 for vital operations and procedures.

Alex Cole-Hamilton said, "Rather than obsessing about referendums, the SNP Government needs a New Year Resolution to focus on the NHS waiting time crisis.

"People need a realistic assessment of when they'll be seen and where they are in the queue. More importantly,  we need a dedicated Minister, accountable for waiting times, whose job it is to sort this mess out and be accountable. Otherwise, too many people will be left waiting too long for treatment they deserve."

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