Summer Flooding

This summer, Edinburgh has experienced another bout of torrential rain with some areas of the Inverleith Ward recording two thirds of a month’s rainfall in half an hour.

Sadly many residents who had previously been flooded experienced the same agony again, with the drainage system being overwhelmed as well as areas like Stockbridge and Comely Bank being underwater.  

Hal Osler said, “This was another unprecedented freak event that pushed our already creaking infrastructure over the edge.

"This is the third year in a row that heavy rains have happened during the summer so it is definitely becoming a more common event. Understandably, much emphasis is placed on reducing emissions going forward as this is very important but we also need to invest in our system. It is time that the Council, Scottish Water and the Scottish Government got together to work on improvements. 

"At the moment residents are being passed backwards and forwards as no one wants to take responsibility for sorting things out.”

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