Street Tree Watering

Many residents have expressed concern regarding the number of new street trees being planted, in terms of who is responsible for watering and looking after them.

Local Lib Dem councillor Hal Osler said, “The Council has signed up to be a Million Tree City by 2030. This is a great aspiration but does mean we will need to plant at least another quarter of million trees over the next decade.

"That target does not take into account trees we will lose due to development, old age and disease, such as Ash Dieback.

"I understand residents’ concerns about newly-planted trees. There is no point wasting money on buying and planting trees if they are not going to be looked after and survive until they are well-established. I submitted a motion to Council asking for a report on the Council’s plan for managing and maintaining trees planted under this project, as well as the existing trees within our green spaces.

"Also I asked about information and engagement for communities in advance of tree planting. As a result, a report is due to the Culture and Communities Committee later in the year.

"In the meantime, if residents possibly could help with watering of new trees especially during hot and dry weather, that would be very much appreciated.”

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