Spaces for People Update

At November’s meeting of the Transport and Environment Committee, the Council’s existing Spaces for People schemes were reviewed and some new ones were proposed. The current highlights for the Inverleith Ward are:


  • Warriston Road – this summer’s bridge closure is being revoked as it is actually causing more issues then it was intended to resolve.
  • Raeburn Place – now that SGN works along Raeburn Place have been completed and there have been some discussions with traders in the area regarding the need for loading bays, new measures are being introduced to improve the space for pedestrians
  • Queensferry Rd – a segregated cycle lane is being proposed from Dean Bridge to Craigleith junction and the Bus Lane is being extended through the Blackhall Dip
  • Orchard Brae Roundabout – still waiting for measures to be implemented
  • Craigcrook Road – Vegetation is to be cut back near Blackhall Primary School and there is to be an investigation as to feasibility of a segregated cycle lane


Local Lib Dem Councillor Hal Osler says: “I am pleased that the Warriston Road bridge closure is being removed as I know for many this was actually achieving the opposite of what it was intended for. I would be interested to hear from residents what they would like to see here instead, to help make the area safer.

"After six plans and four months of delay, pavement-widening measures are finally going into Raeburn Place. Sadly they are not the magic bullet that is needed to reduce the traffic in the Stockbridge area and there is genuine concern that they could make the congestion worse, so I will be keeping a close eye on this.

"The cycle lanes on the Queensferry Road have been positively received by many around Dean Bridge in particular, as there is hope it will reduce speeding and allow cyclists to safely cycle on the road and leave the pavements free. However the plans include a proposal to close the lower entrance to Clarendon Crescent which has been met with alarm as it means that there will only be one entrance to the Clarendon Crescent/Oxford Terrace/Eton Terrace/Lennox St area. Even worse, that entrance is the more dangerous one right next to Dean Bridge. So far despite many objections it seems this proposal is going ahead, I will continue to push for this road closure to be reversed and the safety issues addressed.

"Finally I do have to say that I remain bitterly disappointed that even though it is one of the critical elements of the Spaces for People Programme there still is very little in the way of safety measures around the Primary Schools within the Inverleith Ward. Measures are still due for Orchard Brae Roundabout and Craigcrook Road but little has come forward so far.”


If you want to see the full list of Spaces for People measures please click on the link below:

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