Spaces for People Sept Update

The Council's Transport and Environment Committee has voted to extend the Spaces for People schemes for another 18 months.

Most of the schemes will remain in place unchanged.

There will however, be a small change to the scheme on Drum Brae North. Here, the segregation between the cycle lane and road will be removed from the downhill stretch, but retained on the uphill. The painted cycle lane on both sides will be retained.

There will be no changes to schemes on Meadow Place Road, Ladywell Road or Queensferry Road.

Lib Dem councillors put forward an amendment which would have removed the most unpopular schemes (those receiving over 100 objections). This included the schemes on Silverknowes Road.

This amendment was voted down by SNP, Green and Labour councillors, meaning that these most unpopular schemes will continue unchanged despite the number of objections received.



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