Spaces for people in Edinburgh

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Spaces for people in Edinburgh

The Council, in association with Sustrans, has launched a Commonplace mapping tool to allow residents to identify ‘pinch points’ where emergency measures could help people maintain physical distancing safely on foot, bike or wheelchair.

Over recent weeks the Council has received many suggestions for road closures, widened pavements, segregated cycle lanes and other possible actions from across the city. Now, residents will be able to highlight specific areas on an interactive map and provide feedback on barriers experienced, as well as identifying improvements. The suggestions made will help influence Council plans over the coming weeks and months.  This initiative runs till 29 June.

What would you like to do with Braid Road? 

Lots of people, including me, have been enjoying the peace and quiet of the area around Braid Road since it was closed at the entrance to the Hermitage.  As you know, this was done temporarily to allow people to maintain a social distance from each other.  Some people have suggested that permanent closure might be attractive while others would prefer the road to re-open when lockdown is relaxed. 

Bear in mind we are expecting changes to Braid Road as the Council is planning to build a light-controlled crossing for pedestrians and bicycles at the crossroads with Hermitage Drive/Braidburn Terrrace and to take away the mini-roundabout.  It also plans to install raised continuous pavements at the Braid Road entrance to Braidburn Crescent and the Comiston Road entrance to Greenbank Place, to stop access to Braid Crescent at the Comiston Road end and to make the one-way system in Braidburn Terrace permanent.  These changes should have a positive impact for pedestrians, cyclists and local residents.

Tell me what you think in my online survey here.

Improved signage is on its way – the Council has agreed to the requests made by local residents and all ward councillors for action to

  • Deploy additional advance warning signs of the road closure;
  • Install ‘Local Access’ signs to deter rat running through Braidburn Crescent and Braid Crescent; and
  • Review, and potentially reduce, the temporary parking restrictions in Greenbank Place and Braidburn Terrace.

Shops and businesses in Morningside

Morningside Community Council has researched the shops and businesses in Morningside and produced a spreadsheet detailing the services available - those that are open, those with click and collect arrangements, others trading by deliveries arranged by telephone etc.  Let me know if you would like to see the list and I will send it to you.

Farmers Markets to open for business

The Farmers Markets in Castle Terrace and Stockbridge are allowed to operate under the current guidelines but the gathering of people is not allowed.  The Stockbridge Market is operating a system where you order online then are given a timeslot to collect from one stall.  See more about this here.

I understand that the market at Castle Terrace is not operating yet but is planning to do so in Phase 2.  You can read more about this here and home delivery options from some traders are available here.

Edinburgh Leisure re-opens outdoor facilities

Four 18 hole public golf courses re-opened today.  You can read more about this here.

The Meadows tennis courts are also open – see more here.

New Contact email for local Police

Our local Police in South East Edinburgh has a new email address.  You can make contact on [email protected]

Re-kindling our sense of civic duty?

Maybe we’re inspired by the admirable work done by our NHS and other key workers or perhaps it comes from looking out for our neighbours during lockdown but I’m hearing a number of positive reports of neighbours coming together on mini projects such as clearing their street of weeds or removing litter from neglected greenspaces.  Prompted by a neighbour, a dozen local residents cleared weeds from our street today.  Of course, the Council has a street cleansing team but, although I wish it were otherwise, they don’t have the resources to cover the entire city, not in today’s financial climate.  Not everyone is able to look after the pavement outside their own home or has the time but well done to those who do. We should all take a pride in our neighbourhood.

The latest advice on Council services is available here.

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Best wishes & stay safe

Councillor Neil Ross
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Morningside Ward


Published and promoted by Fraser Graham on behalf of Neil Ross, (Scottish Liberal Democrats) both at 4 Grange Road, Edinburgh EH9 1UH.

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