Pauline Flannery - Southside / Newington

Pauline is our Ward Champion for Southside Newington, covering St Leonards, Prestonfield, Potterow, Marchmont , Sciennes and The Grange Conservation area.

Pauline believes in the long held Liberal Democrat principles of localism, and builds from a ground-up approach; Pauline stands for empowerment and advocacy. She has a long association with Edinburgh going back to student days, has taught at the University of Edinburgh Life-Long Learning Department, and lives in the Ward. Pauline is a self-employed theatre practitioner and teacher, and has worked in the third sector training volunteers for HIV Response Projects. Pauline is a creative thinker, not just in the realm of the Arts, but as a method for understanding different perspectives and promoting unity.

Please get in touch with her if you have any local issues you’d like her to campaign for and let her know if you can help us deliver our free newsletter in this area.

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