South Centra£ decides on road & pavement improvements

Have your say on local Road & Pavement improvements

South Centra£ Decides is an opportunity for local people to have a say on how budgets are allocated in their local area.  The selection process is now underway for the 2017/18 local road and pavement improvement proposals, which were put forward by local people and community groups as part of the Neighbourhood Environment Programme.

There is £60,000 available from the roads capital budget of the Neighbourhood Environment Programme and the purpose of the fund is to deliver improvements in roads and pavements in the South Central area that are not currently already prioritised within the Council's programme of work. The area includes Morningside Ward.

There are 10 different projects to consider which can be previewed here.

You can give your views online by using the link 

Only residents in the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership area are eligible to participate. 

The survey will remain open for participation until midnight 26 January 2018. 

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