SNP Cuts Hit - Council Budget set for 2019-20

By Neil Ross, Feb 27, 2019 9:02

Eight schoolchildren working at a table supervised by a teacher.

The SNP Scottish Government has forced a 1.5% cut on Edinburgh Council’s budget while its own funding has improved.

This deliberate choice by the SNP shows the low priority they place on core local services. As a result, the Council’s SNP/Labour administration has proposed cuts to the 2019/20 budget which will mean the loss of nine community police officers across the city, threaten the viability of Edinburgh Leisure facilities and reduce opening times for our remaining public toilets.

Liberal Democrat Alternative Budget

The SNP/Labour council budget that made these cuts was opposed by Lib Dem councillors in our fully costed alternative budget. Our budget included:

  • £4 million extra to fix our crumbling roads and pavements,
  • Stopping the cuts to nursery teachers and head teachers,
  • A £1 million fund for schools to encourage environmental projects put forward by pupils and teachers,
  • Reversing the planned cuts to sport and leisure facilities,
  • Maintaining public toilet opening hours,
  • Increasing spending on street cleaning and
  • Scrapping the garden tax

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