SNP/Labour deal ends weeks of dilly-dallying, indecision and uncertainty for Edinburgh

By Robert Aldridge, Jun 15, 2017 10:06

After a month of delay the news is finally in that the Labour and the SNP have signed a coalition deal to run Edinburgh City Council.

City Lib Dem Group Leader Dobbie Aldridge said, "This deal could have been signed weeks ago. However, Labour's dilly-dallying and indecision left the city facing weeks of uncertainty.

"Throughout the election campaign, people told us how those running Edinburgh City Council were out of touch and failing to address the real issues. If Labour and SNP councillors think they can get away with another four or five years of more of the same, they are wrong.

"Even with this deal, the new administration is a minority in the City Chambers. It's not good enough for Labour and the SNP to simply rearrange the deckchairs on their Titanic. This new administration will have to reach out, listen and govern by consensus."

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