Scottish LibDems choose their European Parliamentary candidates

By Fred MacKintosh, Apr 21, 2019 6:04

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have unveiled their candidates for the 2019 European Parliament election, due on 23 May.  Party members chose the list of six candidates - three women and three men.  The list is headed by Sheila Ritchie, who is a partner in an Aberdeen law firm.

Willie Rennie with the Scottish Liberal Democrat European Candidates


Party leader Willie Rennie said that, “I am delighted to announce our list of candidates for the European elections. We have a strong group of people who are committed to protecting our place in Europe.

 “This election gives voters an opportunity to demand an end to the constitutional chaos we’ve endured for years. People are fed up with Brexit and listening to all the arguments. It has divided our country and damaged our economy for long enough.

“A vote for Scottish Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit and will send a message to the SNP on their unwanted independence plans. Every MEP we gain in Scotland will help make the division and damage stop.”

The Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate list is as follows:

  1. Sheila Ritchie
  2. Fred Mackintosh
  3. Catriona Bhatia
  4. Vita Zaporozcenko
  5. John Edward
  6. Clive Sneddon

You can find out more about the six candidates on the main Scottish Liberal Democrat website at

The election will be held on 23 May, unless the UK agrees a deal to leave the EU before then.




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