School catchment changes in Currie and Balerno

Last year’s controversial schools review saw the Liberal Democrats and opposition parties outvote the Council Administration in favour of an option to keep Currie HS, Woodlands School, Balerno HS and WHEC open.

This option included the transfer of future pupils from Cherrytrees / Newmills and Kinleith Mills to Dean Park PS and Nether Currie PS respectively.

During the public consultation, a majority in Cherrytrees / Newmills were against these changes, because of the need for many children to walk further and cross Lanark Road to get to school, and concerns over traffic congestion.

The Council voted in favour of the changes on 2nd May, and has guaranteed the right to a place to pupils who have siblings at Currie PS and HS as well as pupils living in Cherrytrees / Newmills at the time the change comes into effect.

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