Safer herbicides

By Tom Inglis, Oct 26, 2019 7:10

Tom Inglis has been working with Pesticide Free Balerno to investigate safer alternatives to Glyphosate and has written to the Council.

Glyphosate is currently applied by the Council on our streets, on our pavements, and on our parks, and it is a health risk to the workers who spray it, to the people and animals who regularly breath it in, and to the bees and other pollinators which are in desperate decline.

There is increasing international support in favour of replacing Glyphosate-based herbicides with safer alternatives, as evidenced by recent bans announced in Austria and in Germany.

Elsewhere in the UK, Councils like Hammersmith and Fulham have switched to safe and environmentally friendly solutions like hot foam and mechanical ripping.

Tom is running a survey to find out your views on herbicides. Please fill it out here:

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