Roseburn cycle path update

After months of negotiations, a compromise has been reached on the two controversial sections of the City Centre West to East Cycle Link (CCWEL) - its route through Roseburn and the arrangements for taxis at Haymarket Station. Residents and business-owners in Roseburn secured several improvements to the original 'Option A', the route along Roseburn Terrace, and Edinburgh Council has agreed this as the basis for the preliminary design. Council officials will now develop the detailed design of the route. The Council will then seek the required Traffic Regulation Orders, which will be the next opportunity for those affected by the proposals to comment or object.

The preliminary design takes the cycle track along the north side of Roseburn Terrace, in a narrower lane than originally proposed. An off-peak loading bay will be available for businesses on the north side and there will be short-stay parking and a 24-hour loading bay on the south side. There will be new pedestrian crossings with tactile paving, including a raised crossing over the cycleway and a zebra crossing on Russell Road. Liberal Democrat councillors secured the crucial safeguard of a full review after the first 12 months of operation.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Paul Edie commented, "I share the concerns about the proposed route expressed by many residents and businesses, although I welcome the changes that have been made."

Our local Liberal Democrat councillors have worked hard to find a solution which works for all those involved - cyclists, pedestrians and bus-users as well as the businesses and residents of Roseburn. As so often with these things, the devil will be in the detail and I look forward to seeing the final design later this year.

The whole West to East Cycle Link is not expected to be completed before 2020.

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