Road Safety Update November 2022

We are all aware of road safety issues across the Corstorphine and Murrayfield, but what is particularly concerning is the slow rate to implement improvements.

Only 17 pedestrian crossings were installed – across Edinburgh last year, one of which was Kaimes Road.

Lack of crossings can be a real hinderance for connectivity for children and the infirm - such as routes to Flora Stephenson's from the Blinkbonnys - and limits the 20 minute neighbourhood policy that we’d like to see.  We are trying to meet regularly with the team to ensure that road safety across the ward is not neglected.

It is good to see improvements being made – finally – around Corstorphine High Street, Ellersly Road and at our schools, such Gylemuir Primary, to limit traffic speeds. We’ve asked for speed logging to be taken on various roads across the ward – this is the first step to get speeding measurement implemented.

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