Revised plan for Greenbank to Meadows Cycle route

The Council has today published a revised plan for the temporary Greenbank to the Meadows Cycle route, following a limited consultation with ward councillors, community councils and special interest groups.  It seems the Council has reconsidered its original proposal as the number of modal filters on Whitehouse Loan, which close the road to vehicles, has been reduced from three to two but, otherwise, the plans are as expected.  I asked questions, put to me by local residents, around the number and location of the two northern modal filters and as to subsequent monitoring and review.

Implementation is expected in the week beginning 1 February.  More details are given below.

The Council's Spaces for People team has provided the following information -

"This scheme proposes to create a safe cycling route between the south of the city and the city centre, as well as providing a safe way to walk and cycle to school for several primary schools and one high school. It also improves options for safe cycling to Astley Ainslie Hospital. To achieve this, modal filters (where the street is closed to vehicular traffic) will be installed at the following locations:

  • Canaan Lane north of the Astley Ainslie hospital access;
  • Whitehouse Loan immediately south of the junction with Strathearn Road; and
  • Whitehouse Loan immediately south of the junction with Warrender Park Road.

We expect that these measures will be implemented week commencing Monday 1 February 2021.

Officers will be monitoring all the temporary measures and will make adjustments as necessary to mitigate any impacts."

Here is a map of the revised plan for the route -

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