Residents to get a greater say on EV Charging Points

Today I persuaded the Council to introduce an online facility to allow residents and businesses to suggest suitable locations for siting new electric vehicle charging points. 

The Council has installed a number of EV charging points across the city, including 8 points on Thirlestane Road and another 8 on Maxwell Street. However, in addition to choosing whether to walk, cycle or take the bus, residents and businesses in areas without access to off-street parking should be encouraged to make climate friendly choices if deciding on motorised transport.  Suggestions from residents and businesses of suitable EV charging locations should be fed into the Council's plans to expand its network across the city.  I am expecting a report to the Council's Transport & Environment Committee in December with details of how suggestions can be facilitated.  The report should also cover enforcement procedures for trailing EV cables that act as trip hazards on pavements plus advice on the feasibility of hiding cables in channels dug into pavements and design improvements for EV charging equipment in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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