Regular update from Councillor Jack Caldwell: 15th May

Your regular update on all hyperlocal issues Jack has been working on across South Leith, Pilrig, Abbeyhill, Easter Road, Powderhall, Canonmills, Broughton, Bellevue, Bonnington, Albion Road and Hillside.

Actions from Jack

  • First week in the job; a lot of inductions and training.
  • Have started to assist residents with casework.
  • Attended New Town and Broughton Community Council on Monday evening.
  • Planned meetings with Council officers to discuss progress on planned crossings on McDonald Road and Pilrig Street and I am actively pushing for a crossing on Dalmeny Street and Easter Road junction as it’s not had an inspection recently.
  • Have been in touch with residents and Council Officers regarding the bin issues in Pilrig House Close and am monitoring the situation.
  • Submitted my concerns of the lack of drop-kerbs on the Beaverhall Road and Dunedin Street junction to the Council in the context of new developments planned around there.
  • Attended the Drummond Parent Council AGM on Tuesday night and was extremely impressed by the parents' commitment, particularly in regards to the way they voluntarily funded programmes after SportsScotland cuts.
  • I am in disucssions with the Trams Project to conduct a walkaround the site on Leith Walk and Elm Row, particularly to share resolutions to several pedestrian challenges.
  • Have requested attention on discarded signage on Iona Street.
  • Performed a ward walkabout around Bonnington and have identified several litter issues around the area. Please see the below graphic for more information: I've highlighted several issues to Council Officers of piles of litter (highlighted in red) around Pitt Street, overflowing bins in Anderson Place and loose pavements on Newhaven Road. I've also highligted several issues regarding recycling in Pilrig Street, abandonded roadwork signs in Iona Street and overflowing bins in Buchanan Street. Details are on my Twitter page @JackRMCaldwell.


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