Queensferry Road

Traffic problems are increasing on the Queensferry Road, affecting areas to the south including Ravelston and Craigleith.

Many residents are concerned about the long tailbacks and the resulting rat running through the adjacent residential areas, especially at peak times.

Many residents have got in touch about this. Sadly there have been a variety of issues since the carriageway was reduced from two lanes to a single lane, and despite many requests from residents to the contrary, the SNP/Labour Administration are determined to make this permanent.

Now however, problems have become significantly worse, since the closure of Craigleith Rd has led to traffic being diverted on to the Queensferry Road. The issue has been highlighted with Council Officers, as consideration needs to be given when, in a few weeks time, the lower portion of Craigleith Road is due to be closed for around a year.

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