Our plan to Put Recovery First

If elected in May 2021, the Scottish Liberal Democrats will:

Here are five positive reasons why we are asking you to back the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Put Recovery First for Scotland. If elected on May 6, we will:

👩🏻🏫 Help Education Bounce Back 

After the year we've had and all that our children have missed out on, Liberal Democrats will make Scottish Education the best again. 

We will:  

  • Increase pupil-support assistants and raise literacy and numeracy standards
  • Guarantee a job for all qualified teachers to cut class sizes
  • Invest in residential and outdoor learning

👩🏼⚕️ Take Action on the Mental Health Crisis

Liberal Democrats will tackle the Mental Health Crisis which affects so many in Scotland. 

We will:

  • Train more mental health specialists for community centres, hospitals and schools
  • Create a bigger range of treatment and rehab in local hospitals
  • Value care workers by boosting their skills and pay

💼 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs 

Every vote for the Scottish Liberal Democrats is a vote to save a generation from unemployment. 

We will: 

  • Create job guarantees for young people to save a generation from unemployment
  • Bring in new jobs in clean-tech and green energy to future-proof careers
  • Give a tax break for high street shops to help them survive and compete with online retail

🌍 Tackle our Climate Emergency

Our planet can't wait while our Parliament is distracted with arguments from the past – a Green Recovery from the pandemic is essential. 

We will: 

  • Invest in green technology like offshore wind and hydrogen power
  • Open new railways, improve local bus connections and make cycling safer
  • Build a Scottish network of rapid chargers to help the switch to electric cars

...Put Recovery First, not Independence 

After the year we've all had, we want to spend every minute of the next five years focused on recovery. 

We will reform the UK’s federation and:

  • Defend devolution and give local communities a bigger say
  • End the chaos caused by Brexit and restore our close relationship with Europe
  • Focus on Putting Recovery First, not repeating the divisive arguments of the past five years

Read our full manifesto and a commentary on it from the BBC.

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