Prospects looking better for Edinburgh Eye Hospital

Edinburgh Western MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton is welcoming an update this afternoon from the Scottish Government on plans for a replacement to the Princess Alexandra eye hospital.

Mr Cole-Hamilton commented: 

“I’m cautiously encouraged to see today’s positive words from the Government, which puts in writing the commitment it made just before the election to replace the Princess Alexandra in central Edinburgh rather than moving out to Livingstone. The Liberal Democrats put this as one of our key priorities in budget negotiations, and it was a condition for our support. I am so glad we were able to persuade the Government.

“When speaking to my constituents, I repeatedly came across strongly negative reactions from both staff and patients to the proposal of moving the whole department out to Livingstone. For a whole host of reasons this would have major drawbacks, not least the challenge for visually impaired people travelling much further for treatment.  

“Today’s update is a welcome step but there is a long road ahead to go before we see the new hospital open. It’s worth remembering the current building was marked as not fit for purpose several years ago. So whilst I recognise the reason the Government says this will take time, I don’t want to see it pushed into the long grass. I will keep a close watch on the progress of this project - and hope to see it keep moving in the right direction.”  

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