Proposals to make Braidburn Terrace one way

The Council has been working with Sustrans on the design of improvements to Braidburn Terrace.

The proposals include making Braidburn Terrace one way from west to east, creating a cycling link from Braidburn Valley Park to the Hermitage of Braid, removing the mini-roundabout at the Braid Road/Hermitage Drive junction and installing a cyclist/pedestrian crossing on Braid Road across to the Hermitage.  Another part of the plan is to remove one phase from the traffic lights at Greenbank Church.  This is designed to increase the time available for traffic moving north and south on the main road and thereby improve the flow of traffic turning right onto Comiston Road from Greenbank Drive. A drop-in event is being planned later in February for local residents to see the outline scheme and I will publicise the date, time and venue.  This work is planned for 2019/20 and will be run concurrently with the extension to the B2 Priority Parking area to the east and south, as this includes Braidburn Terrace.

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