Prevention is key to better Mental Health

Even before the pandemic, people were already waiting far too long for treatment and too often delays meant their mental health continued to decline.

Sadly, the lack of social interaction due to Covid restrictions has meant so many are finding it hard to cope.

Rebecca Bell, Holyrood candidate for Edinburgh Northern & Leith and Mental Health spokesperson for the Scottish Lib Dems, wants to see more resources put into preventing people getting ill in the first place.

She says: “Once people get treatment it can turn their lives around for the better. We need a wider investment, so services are not just dealing with the crisis end of the spectrum, and mental health is taken as seriously as physical health.

“We want to see a mental health first aider in all workplaces and every secondary school pupil to have access to a counsellor. If more people can access help when their mental health problems begin, that early support can be key in preventing them becoming seriously unwell.”

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