Pollution concerns in Juniper Green and Currie

The Focus Team have been contacted by a number of residents concerned about the level of air pollution from gridlocked traffic along the Lanark Road in Juniper Green and Riccarton Mains Road in Currie (especially the stretch of road outside Currie Primary School).

This is at its worst during peak traffic in the early morning and late afternoon, with the increase in Nitrous Oxide emissions and Diesel particulates posing a serious health concern.

We’ve also heard from local people who are concerned about the application of Glyphosate weed killer in the streets and green spaces where they live. Glyphosate is being investigated for links to asthma and birth defects, and is listed as “probably carcinogenic” by The World Health Organisation. Cherrytrees residents have successfully persuaded the Council to trial a safe alternative in their area, and I think that this trial should be expanded throughout the ward.

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